About us

Viru Daru Diriya Fund was established in Melbourne, Australia to help the children and families of the Sri Lankan armed forces. We strongly believe that helping the education of the children of those who have sacrificed to protect our motherland Sri Lanka is the prime duty of all Sri Lankans.Through Viru Daru Diriya, children of Sinhalese soldiers/sailors,Tamil Police constables,Muslim soldiers/village protection officers are sponsored by Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher Sri Lankans in Australia and other countries.Our organisation is not associated to the government or any other political party in Sri Lanka.

There are two projects handled by Viru Daru Diriya at the moment:

Child Sponsorship project:

Under the child sponsorship project, we are securing sponsors for children of soldiers who have laid down their lives or have suffered permanent physical disabilities in active defence of our motherland. These are children of brave men who have gone forth to the front to fight the terrorists instead of taking up safe desk jobs. They have faced bullets, mines and other dangers that were hurled at them and have defended the country as well as our beloved relatives whom we have left behind in Sri Lanka.

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Viru Daru Diriya Scholarship Fund

At the moment there are more than 8,000 children of deceased and disabled soldiers of the Sri Lankan armed forces who deserve assistance for their education.

Hence, apart from securing sponsors for the children, we are in the process of setting up a Two and a Half million rupee (Rs.2,500,000.00) fund with Sampath Bank in Sri Lanka which will send frequent payments to a number of most deserving children of soldiers deceased or disabled from recent battles to liberate the North of Sri Lanka. This fund is totally managed by us.

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Special School project (completed)

Raising funds to build a special school ‘Senehasa’ that would provide necessary facilities and support to children who need special care. These are children who have been born intellectually and physically handicapped to families of personnel in the Armed Forces. Medical authorities have attributed most of these conditions to the enormous emotional stress the pregnant mothers had undergone during the pregnancy period. A special school helps these children to lead independent lives in the future. With help of funds raised, the special school has now been built and opened.

Donations by Viru Daru Diriya for the benefit of families of those who sacrificed their lives and limbs to protect Sri Lanka (up to end of Dec’2015)

Viru Daru Diriya Fund was established in November 2006. Commenced sending funds received from sponsors to children of deceased and disabled war heroes in January 2007.

  • Total funds received from kind donors under the child sponsorship program and sent to children up to end Dec’2015 – $298,920.00 (Rs. 32.78 Millions)
  • Funds raised and donations sent for the ‘Senehasa’ special school – $12,650.00 (Rs.1.14 Millions)
  • Viru Daru Diriya scholarship Fund set up in Sri Lanka which will provide continuous assistance to 13 children of recently disabled war heroes – $14,835.00 (Rs.1.54 Millions)
  • Funds raised and donations sent for monthly payments to be paid to parents under ‘Viru Maapiya Sarana’ – $1,575.00 (Rs.0.18 Millions)
  • Donations sent to help two widows of deceased members of armed forces to help build their houses – $1,000.00 (Rs.0.32 Millions)
  • Donation sent to purchase 2 motor wheel chairs for 2 disabled soldiers – $2,800.00 (Rs.0.11 Millions)

Total Sent for the benefit of Children and families of war heroes of the Sri Lankan Armed forces up to end of Dec’2015 – $331,780.00 (Rs.36.08 Millions)

Viru Daru Diriya Committee

President – Dr Chandra Athaudage
Representative in Sri Lanka – Mr G.B.Ekanayake
Vice President – Mr Hector Jayantha
Secretary – Mr K.Randeniyage
Web Master – Mr Nadula Karunaratne
Accountant – Mr DML Dassanayake
Assistant Treasurer – Mr Pradeep Chandradasa
Treasurer/Administrator of Child Sponsorship Program – Mr Nimal Rajakaruna/Mr Sumith Olagama

Committee Members:
  • Mrs Dinusha Nagahawaththa
  • Mr Namal De Alwis
  • Mr Upali Jayawardena
  • Dr Lanka Lankaputhra
  • Mr Nishantha Rajapakshe
  • Mr Gaya Wanninayake

Viru Daru Diriya Bank Account details:

ANZ Bank, Endeavour Hills
Account Number: 013288 492564506