How To Sponsor A Child

So far we have secured sponsors from Australia, UK, Canada etc. for more than 500 children and we are continuously receiving details (personal information and photographs) of more children who need assistance.

If you are in Australia,to sponsor a child, please contact one of the following committee members :

  • Mr Nimal Rajakaruna – (03) 9800 3965
  • Dr Chandra Athaudage – (03) 9795 5070
  • Mrs Dinusha Nagahawaththa – (03) 9449 0296
  • Mr Hector Jayantha – (03) 8774 7016
  • Dr Lanka Lankaputhra – (03) 9731 7161
  • Mr Chamath Piyabandu – (07)  3372 6061
or send an e-mail to

We will send you details of children available to choose from. Once a child is selected you can either send your donation ($AUS 15.00 per month per child which is usually paid quarterly i.e. $45.00 per quarter) direct to child’s account in Sri Lanka or deposit in to Viru Daru Diriya Account in Melbourne.

We remit sponsorship donations received during a particular month in our Melbourne Account to Viru Daru Diriya Account set up with Sampath Bank, Colombo, Sri Lanka, on the first working day of the following month and the bank deposits the donations direct in to children’s accounts as per our advise sent to them.(Please note that we handle your payments only to help you avoid incurring additional bank charges when sending payments).

We send your details to the children and families and request them to communicate with you and be thankful to you for your kind donations. We also appreciate if you could visit the children/families you sponsor when you visit Sri Lanka.

At the moment there are more than 8,000 children of deceased and disabled soldiers of the Sri Lankan armed forces who deserve assistance for their education.

Profit of $8,000.00 (Rs.730,160.00) from the movie PRABHAKARAN screened in Australia (November/December’08) has also been deposited in a Viru Daru Diriya Scholarship Fund with Sampath Bank, Sri Lanka which is now sending monthly payments of Rs.1,500.00 (since June’09) to 14 children of war heroes disabled from the last battles to liberate the north of Sri Lanka.